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       Taylor Speaks Out

Taylor Arsmtrong is an outspoken advocate for victims and families of domestic violence and she shares her message through public speaking at colleges and universities, charitable events and corporations. 

“Taylor far exceeded our already high expectations for our Luncheon Speaker.  I can’t say enough good things about her professionalism, how well her speech (really more of an engaging talk) went and how well she connected with the audience enabling us to exceed our fund raising goal and raise, after expenses, in excess of $120,000.00, for a 1-hour Luncheon (truly amazing)."


"One of our long-time  male supporters, said that he had never really quite understood the dynamics of domestic violence until he heard Taylor speak."


"If I could have a speaker like Taylor every year, I would never worry again about our Luncheon being successful – she truly was the best speaker we have ever brought in (this was our 6th year) and I’m not sure there is anyone we can bring in next year to top her."


"If you can get Taylor Armstrong at your event, grab her!  She is professional, honest, open, engaging and will make your event a huge success."


"Taylor, you were absolutely such a pleasure to work with and everyone that got to talk with you, hear your story, and experience your presentation at the luncheon, has not stopped raving about how wonderful you are". 


"Taylor's message came across very thoughtful, powerful and touched so many people.  She moved the audience…exactly what we wanted to happen."  


"We truly feel blessed at how generous you were to want to take a visit of the shelter and talk to the women too. That was so powerful and emotional- we know you've touched them all. And our hearts."

"We've received nothing but positive responses from yesterday's event, with everyone gushing of how impactful and moving your speech was." 


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